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Civil Filing Fees
Civil Forms

NOTE: each of the above includes 1 service. Each additional service requires an advance of $75.00


For any other pleading to be filed, i.e., answers, notices, supplemental Petitions, exceptions, etc., an advance of  $6.00 for the 1st page and $4.00 for each page thereafter will be needed.


This is a $3.00 charge for a conformed copy & $5.00 charge for certified copies. (Please provide copies).

Exhibits are $2.00 for the 1st twenty pages / $1.00 per page thereafter.

1 page      $ 6.00
2 pages    $10.00
3 pages    $14.00

All request for subpoena or subpoena duces tecum must be in writing and shall be accompanied with a deposit of $75.00 each service.

If you subpoena 6 people or less you do not need to deposit witness fees. If you subpeona more than 6 people, you must deposit witness fees.

Request for trial date or preliminary default, may be done by letter or by an order of the court and will be entered into the court minutes during motion hour.

FAX charges:
Filing fee for faxes are $15.00 to file plus $5.00 to return receipt confirmation.
First page $ 12.00
Each additional page $ 8.00
Conformed copy $ 3.00
Certified copy $ 5.00
Service $75.00 per service
Exhibits $ 4.00 each for the first 20 pages if exhibits, $ 2.00 each per page thereafter.

Example: 3 page Answer with confirmation

$ 20.00 Filing fee/confirmation
  12.00 1st page
    8.00 2nd page
    8.00 3rd page
    3.00 confirmation
$ 51.00 Total Due


We will send you a receipt of your faxed filing with an amount, Please call Recia or Debbie if you have any questions at (337) 775-5316.


If a jury trial is requested, an advance of $150.00 is required in addition to the advance deposit, along with a cost bond that is set by the judge.


Please send a self addressed stamped envelope if you request any pleadings to be returned to you. (certified or conformed)

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